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CA Secret Diary Kit- Tree of Life

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"Life is like a tree. Every Leaf is a dream, it may be big or small"

A personal journal or notebook known as a "diary" is used to keep track of everyday experiences, thoughts, feelings, and reflections. It is a tool that gives people a platform for self-expression and personal development by enabling them to reflect on and document their lives. Imagine keeping a secret diary with a beautiful crystal art design and writing about your day in it. I'm sure this will brighten your day!

The Tree of Life is a universal symbol found in many cultures and religions, representing the interconnectedness of all life and the cycle of birth, growth, death, and rebirth.

This secret diary kit design is perfect for the ones that love seeing trees and nature. It may give you a relaxing feeling to write about your day in your lovely diary.

The DIY activity is calming and therapeutic and is appropriate for both adults and kids (ages 7+). The outcome is a gorgeous work of crystal art.

Each Crystal Art Scroll Kit includes:

Crystal Art Secret Diary, with adhesive template on cover
Double-sided crystal pick-up pen
Jelly wax
Coded pre-sorted crystal packets
Grooved crystal tray
Ziplock bags, Instructions